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When a normal middle class person thinks of buying a dream home for his/her family, row houses are obviously one of the most fanciful options that comes to their minds. Row houses make up some of the most unique and iconic architecture in the United States and beyond.

Row Houses
Row Houses in Washington DC

In olden days, these were the houses of the commoners. They might have variations on the inside, but from the outside, most row houses tended to look the same. They were built in the same design and pattern. In today's real estate market, however, things have changed.

In modern times, row houses are a unique category of homes for urban people interested in high end real estate. They have made it simpler for themselves, by making these row houses in the same likeness as in olden days. Philadelphia and San Francisco are two examples of iconic looking refurbished row houses that have been used as scene setters for many TV shows and movies.

Modern row houses are similar in shape, area, and design appearance and so on. If not entirely the same, these homes are at least in close proximity with each other. They are built keeping in mind the area and the people who are going to reside in them.

Most of these row houses are bound to have terraces of their own. This not only gives a beautiful view of what the city has in store, but also gives a lot of space for sunbathing, having an own personal porch, as well as sun soaking area. They have their own parking spaces and front yards where gardening can be done. This makes these row houses very functional and practical.

The Victorian-style row houses in upscale neighborhoods are similar and this means the kids may have lots of neighborhood children to play with and this also makes the community safe as they are all closely knit together.

In the early times, men made shelters for themselves which were more or less of the same size and shape. With the passage of time, these shelters turned into modern civilization homes. These homes were then built in the same likeliness. These were the places where old grandmothers used to tell fairytales to the children of the neighborhood, and where everyone used to meet everyone on dog walks and trips to the grocery.

These modern day row houses are easily available and are differently prices according to the area as well as the material used in furnishing the house. Row house plans and designs are also available for those who want to build.

Row Houses in San Francisco
Victorian Row Houses in San Francisco

Row houses are an excellent piece of architecture that is most commonly found across the world These homes are closely knit and this brings a feeling of homogeneity and oneness amongst people of the area. In the U. S. however, new neighorhoods are being renovated by modern row house designs and plans that give modern amenities yet keep the historical look and feel of the days of old.

Row houses are typically available in 2 to 4 bedroom homes. The sizes of the same may tend to vary according to the locality as well as the parties in question. Depending upon the location and history (and affordability as some can sell for over $1 million) of the row house this may just be your next dream home. And building a row house is always another option.

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